Cynthia Morgan: How I Lost My Virginity At 14 Right in My Father’s House”

Cynthia Morgan: How I Lost My Virginity At 14 Right in My Father’s House”

Cynthia Morgan: How I Lost My Virginity At 14 Right in My Father’s House”

Nigerian musician Cynthia Morgan recently revealed the traumatic circumstances of her teenage years in a shocking disclosure.

The artist, known for her bold and unapologetic demeanor, has recounted a sequence of unpleasant incidents from her childhood, including a loss of innocence, family treachery, and a rocky relationship with her father.


Cynthia Morgan revealed that she lost her virginity at the age of 14 while still living at her father’s house. The reason behind this revelation is what makes it even more startling. She confessed that her half-sister and brother tricked her into participating in a months-long social experiment. This profoundly painful encounter left her emotionally traumatized and causing her to rethink her familial ties.

The torment didn’t stop there. After courageously confiding in her mother about the ordeal, Cynthia Morgan found herself targeted by her own siblings. They subjected her to bullying in school, beseeching her friends not to befriend her and even instigating others to pick on her. It was a relentless campaign of abuse that the artist endured as a teenager.

But perhaps the most stunning part of her revelation is her demand for a DNA test to confirm her paternity. Cynthia Morgan’s father had reentered her life in 2016, offering hope that the pain of her past could finally be put behind her. However, according to her, this reconciliation turned into a continuation of the previous turmoil, with her father seemingly complicit in the scheme to torment her. She even hinted at a sinister motive, suggesting that their objective might have been to bring harm to her.

“I was barely 14 when I lost my virginity in my father’s house because my half sister and brother decided to be using me for sexual experiment… this shit went on for months till I was able to tell my mum it sure didn’t stop there because they hated me for telling my mum and went on to start bullying me in school and telling their friends to not befriend me and always pick on me so they can beat me. I went through all this as a teen.”

This shocking disclosure follows an earlier Instagram post in which Cynthia Morgan criticized her father, describing him as a fraudster who prioritizes materialistic pursuits and lacks empathy for her pain. She clarified that her father’s favorite catchphrase is her obligation to take care of him so that he can pray for her. In a heartfelt revelation, she expressed that she doesn’t owe him anything.

Cynthia Morgan also revealed that she is the fifth of nine children and accused her father of spreading lies within the family. This has caused discord among family members, with efforts being made to create divisions.

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