Top 10 blogs in Nigeria - Lejit Reporters

 Top 10 blogs in Nigeria - Lejit Reporters

Top 10 blog in Nigeria - Lejit Reporters

 Top 10 blogs in Nigeria - Lejit Reporters

Top 10 Blogs in Nigeria

When it comes to a developing, thriving Nigerian blogging community, Nigeria is not the first nation that comes to mind. Additionally, they provide a means for people to express their opinions freely and earn money from online businesses. While some of these Nigerian blogs boast about their specialized subject matter, others are still having a difficult time climbing the ranks of the industry.


What Makes Successful Blogs

A successful blog can be attributed to at least four factors.

In addition to receiving a lot of traffic, their blog is among the top results on a number of search engines.

Three, their blog achieves its goals, such as letting readers air their opinions or making money. A passion for blogging is requirement number four.

The top 10 blogs in Nigeria are listed below for Nigerian bloggers who are new to blogging or who have blogs already but are aspiring to be top bloggers. You can go there for inspiration and to see how far their blogs have come.

You should also check out the many other blogs that are available in Nigeria. Nevertheless, bear this in mind. The selection criteria for this list were based on the blogs' potential for generating income and their level of influence over their readers. We sincerely hope you enjoy it!


Top 10 Blogs in Nigeria

1. Blog by Linda Ikeji.

Linda Ikeji, a former model who is now a blogger, started this blog in Nigeria in 2006. She is not only creative and beautiful, but also one of Nigeria's wealthiest bloggers. According to Small Starter, Ikeji makes about $65,000 per month from blogging alone.

This particular blog is the most well-liked in Africa, claims the source BuzzNigeria.

It also holds the prestigious distinction of being named Nigeria's top blog for gossip and entertainment.

This blog additionally provides details on the most recent news, entertainment, upcoming events, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle.

The fact that this blog publishes unfiltered, uncooked gossip is what makes it so popular. This renowned blog has previously published contentious articles about athletes, celebrities, and musicians.

This was sufficient justification for the social media sphere in Nigeria to erupt in rumor and controversy.

The likelihood is that if there is a rumor going around Nigeria, it was reported here first. Ikeji's blog does not, however, only focus on rumors. She uses her blog as a vehicle for social change.

Her blog allegedly assisted a young girl who spent four years in prison, according to a Small Starter report.

It appears that the girl was imprisoned without being tried for merely robbing a cell phone.

The girl was released from custody thanks to her blog and the support of Ikeji's fans.

The top spot on our list goes to a Nigerian blog because of its timely and accurate reporting, large number of visitors, and significant cultural impact.


2. Bella Naija Blog

Nigerian blog Bella Naija was founded by Uche Eze, who left his mark there. It all began back in 2006.

Since its creation almost fourteen years ago, this popular blog has grown in popularity.

It is a reputable lifestyle blog that still today features entertainment, fashion, and lifestyle content.

This blog is so well-known among Nigerians that it has even encouraged widespread use of the term "Naija" by Nigerians.

In fact, it has become a household name in Nigeria in general and among the best bloggers in Nigeria.

The achievements of Uche Eze as a blogger have been seen all over the world. Additionally, Uche Eze's blog has been featured on well-known websites all over the world.

Heavy hitters like CNN and the Oprah Winfrey Show are among them, but not only. Eze is a wealthy blogger from Nigeria, similar to Linda Ikeji. This woman's income from Bella Naija ranges between $15,000 and $20,000. This is a huge accomplishment for Nigerian blogs and is deserving of the number two spot!


3. Punch Blog

By starting The Punch Blog, the Nigerian newspaper Punch Nigeria has risen to the top of the blogging market. This strangely named blog is quickly gaining popularity in Nigeria.

This one focuses on sections for weddings, politics, business, entertainment, sports, Nollywood, health, food, and drink. Some blogs in Nigeria may be popular for reasons other than their content or the people who run them. This blog stands out from its peers because it is highly interactive and significant.

Additionally, it provides readers with well-researched content. It is also among the  better-designed and simpler to use Nigerian blogs out there.


4. Hot Nigerian Jobs 

Lifestyle and entertainment are not the only topics covered by Nigerian blogs. Contrary to what other entries on this list might have you believe, this is actually quite the opposite. For crucial services like job searching, bloggers created a sizable number of them.

Thus, blogs like this one are a good resource for Nigerians looking for new or better jobs. It is updated frequently and contains one of, if not the largest collection of job openings. Jobs listed on this blog can be found by prospective employees. Employers who wish to broaden their hiring reach can post a job in the interim.

The cost of using this blog's services is also not a concern. Who doesn't enjoy free things? This blog is available to use for nothing. Moreover, the interface is uncomplicated and uncomplicated.

Even if a visitor has no prior knowledge of how a blog operates, they can still easily navigate the site.

For that matter, a computer would also benefit from this. This is undoubtedly a service with the best intentions in a developing nation like Nigeria.

Furthermore, it serves as proof that people, particularly bloggers, will ultimately usher in the best chance. This Nigerian blog has earned a spot at number four on our list thanks to its thousands of daily visitors and desire to promote employment!


5. Olufamous 

The blog is owned by Olu, a former journalist from Nigeria. He is both the creator of the website and its namesake, and he uses his background in journalism to write gossipy news on his blog.

Because of this, it has enthralled Nigerian readers to the point where he receives some of the most traffic in the nation. Additionally, the blog offers images and videos of news and commentary on politics, social issues, and way of life that are found online.

In Nigeria, where the political climate is unstable and knowledge is crucial, this is a crucial feature.

If you're curious about what's happening in Nigeria, check out Olu's blog—he does good work.


6. 360nobs

Actually, 360nobs stands for 360 No Bull Sh*t. The blog was established in 2010 by Noble Igwe, one of Nigeria's highest-paid bloggers. This multi-niche Nigerian blog also provides entertainment, lifestyle, and celebrity rumors. Additionally, job seekers can find employment opportunities on the blog.

It is a go-to website for downloading Nigerian music, movie updates, and news about culture and entertainment. It also serves as a great hotspot for Nigerians who enjoy music.

7. NotjustOk 

Mola Ogundele is the author of this blog. He is in charge of a team of devoted bloggers who play the newest Nigerian music for the enjoyment of Nigerians. A music portal with a focus on quality, NotjustOk, is promising.

The hottest news regarding the Nigerian music industry is also included. NotjustOk has everything, including news about well-known musicians, awards, and album releases. Music lovers can access this blog's audio and video content directly. Because of its popularity, it is audible almost everywhere that Nigerian music is played. Popularity of the blog was aided by its association with top Nigerian musicians and music producers. It continues to grow in popularity each year. Everywhere in the world, Nigerians value their musical heritage. And for this reason, this blog is ranked as the seventh best on our list.


8. Legit

Legit is one of Nigeria's most popular websites and was formerly known as It also includes discussions of national politics as well as other news and interesting subjects. Nigeria's political environment is unstable, as was already mentioned. Without anyone even being aware of them, many problems continue.

As a result, Nigerians now turn to Legit. ng as their go-to resource for news and information about their nation. The world is now aware of the numerous isolated people living in the nation. This news blog is among Nigeria's top blogs as a result of its popularity on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


9. Pulse provides its visitors with authentic, raw Nigerian entertainment that is news in a heartbeat.

This blog covers every subject in or relating to Nigeria, including the most recent trends in Nigerian music, new and upcoming films, lifestyle and culture, and every event and outing in between.

When it comes to business news, Pulse takes great pride.

It contains the most trustworthy and well-regarded news reports and developments from Nigeria's expanding business community. The expansion of reputable companies in Nigeria is critical for the nation's citizens as a whole. Consequently, this blog is given a ranking of ten.


10. Nigerian Miss Small

The promising entertainment and lifestyle blog Miss Petite Nigeria is from Nigeria.

It provides the most recent, sexiest, and unique hot takes on Nigerian fashion, lifestyle, and entertainment.  Besides news about Nigerian movies, videos, and music, the blog also includes celebrity rumors. It easily rivals its contemporaries. And even though it's more recent than some on this list, it's already become popular. You'll discover original tales with distinctive viewpoints on Nigeria's many facets. They are doing well and recently moved into their own website.

It has an intuitive interface, a current script that makes it look reliable, and the same amount of daily visitors are visiting it as they did on the previous website. Raw data from both the old and new one, however, places this one at number ten!



The top 10 blogs in Nigeria according to this list's traffic statistics are massive.

Even sites across all of Africa are outnumbered by some Nigerian blogs.

One of the best ways for Nigerians to make a living is through blogs. According to Invoice, the most well-liked and lucrative blogs in Nigeria are those that feature entertainment and rumors.

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