These 10 Habits Will Destroy You This Year - Lejit Reporters

These 10 Habits Will Destroy You This Year - Lejit Reporters

These 10 Habits Will Destroy You This Year - Lejit Reporters

These 10 Habits Will Destroy You This Year - Lejit Reporters

         In 2023, there are certain habits that you as a person should not be found doing as these habits only affect you negatively. Let's take a dive into some of these habits.

1. Gossiping

     A habit that never pays you. You  should avoid people that gossip and avoid gossiping at all costs. There's no sense in sitting all day and talking about people or things that don't add to your growth.

2. Overthinking 

     A journey that promises but never delivers. If you can't control an outcome, don't overthink it. Spending a lot of time time thinking too much about a particular thing, may not give you the result you need. Like Zlatan said "overthinking no fit solve problem".

3. Over-stressing

    Problems should be solved in steps, not jumps. If it's unsolvable, why stress? Rather than try to solve everything at once, why not break down the problem into smaller structures and solve it step. Thereby reducing stress and anxiety. 

4. Sleeping late

Its 2 O' clock in the morning and you are still online, watching Tiktok videos and dropping hot takes on Twitter. When will you give your mind and body the needed time to rest? Have you not heard that sleeping late is medically not advisable? Unless you're working on something legit like  a tech skill or research, you should not be awake at ungodly hours. Form a habit of sleeping early before you pay the risks. Sleep is a magic pill that needs to be consumed correctly.

5. Poor diet

Everyday, you're taking garri, groundnut and sugar ( I heard you people now call it grocery, floating berries and granulated sweetener). Anywhere they are sharing soup and swallow or rice, that's where they will see you. My dear, repent. You are what you eat. And the reason 90% of the population feels sick is because they're eating 'sickening' foods. Eat healthier by starting small and changing your diet over time. Add more protein and  vegetables to your diet and increase your daily water intake. You will thank me layer.

6. Holding on to the past

You cannot change the past. No one can. Don't hand your future to your past. It's not going that way. The best remedy is remembering but letting go. Focus more on how to make sure you don't repeat the same mistakes you made in the past.

7. Taking things personally

                Some people want to be offended because they want to feel justified. Not everything is a personal attack, not everything is an attack in general.  Distinguish honesty and insults.  Be more stoic. 

8. Not living in the moment

          Don't daydream your life away. Live in the moment to realize a brighter future. Celebrate your wins and learn from your failures. You can't have everything all at once. Appreciate the ones you have and hold your loved ones close. 

9. Trying to please everyone

          Listen, you can never please everyone. Everyone has enemies. This is a habit some people do without realizing. A habit that destroys your self-worth over time. Even Jesus Christ had enemies do who are we? Live your life and spread as much positivity as you can. You didn't come to this world to make everybody happy. You're not NEPA.

10. Comparing yourself to others

         Constantly comparing yourself to others could lead to depression or even crime. Life works differently for different people. Simply because someone made it at the age of 20 doesn't mean that other's who didn't make it at that age are useless. Everyone has their own timetable and when your time comes, nothing will stop you. 

 Your past is your prototype

• Your present is your future

• Your future is your blueprint

Comparing yourself to others should be in the drafts.

          So go out there and change yourself for the better

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