Working to finalize new minimum wage by end of July - Labour

                       Working to finalize new minimum wage by end of July - Labour

Working to finalize new minimum wage by end of July - Labour

Labour unions have expressed hope that the process of introducing a new minimum wage for Nigerian workers, including the National Assembly process and President Bola Tinubu's approval, will be completed by the end of July.

Trade Union Congress (TUC) Chairman Festus Osifo stated this while receiving Special Adviser on Labour Affairs to Kogi State Governor Onu Edoka and his delegation in Abuja.

to him, the National Tripartite Negotiating Committee must complete all processes as soon as possible so that the new draft minimum wage can be brought to the attention of the President and lawmakers.

noted that the introduction of the new minimum wage will ease the burden of economic challenges faced by many Nigerian workers amid worsening inflation and rising cost of living in the country.

said, "We are working in both labour offices to have the new minimum wage set by the end of July so that the situation of workers will be significantly improved, but this will require the President's approval after going through all the necessary processes." "To solve the economic challenges we are facing as a country so that the average worker can go to the market and buy one or two things to provide for his family, despite the sharp rise in inflation.

will find solutions and form a united front so that the President can present the bill to the National Assembly and ultimately make the new national minimum wage a reality. That is the key. This is an issue that concerns all trade unions in Nigeria today."

called on state governments to come up with payment plans for the new minimum wage and be ready when it comes into effect.

are not thinking about 30,000 naira at this point. I heard one state, I think it was Nasarawa state, say that when the new minimum wage was passed, they started setting aside some funds to meet the new obligation. So, I would like to request that you make this a top priority given the scarcity of revenues.

would also like to use this opportunity to tell all other states that they need to come up with plans to implement the new minimum wage because we, the Labour Party, are fully prepared today because once the new minimum wage law is passed, we will be in the states to make sure that it is implemented.

workers can breathe a sigh of relief. Given the high representation of the Labour Party in the government, we have confidence and faith that the Kogi State Government will do the needful," the TUC President said.

the Special Adviser to the Kogi State Governor on Labour Issues, Onu Edoka, said Governor Ahmed Ododo's administration has addressed the shortcomings of the immediate past administration, especially with regard to the welfare of workers.

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